Exercise: el / la articles in Spanish with people

Articles: El / La with people As you probably know, Spanish nouns have a masculine or feminine gender.Singular definite articles for people: «El» and «La»The definite articles for singular nouns are «el» for masculine and «la» for feminine. While this is the general rule, there may be exceptions. Nouns that refer to people usually vary in … Leer más

How do you say “Do you speak English?” in Spanish

In Spanish  this question is translated by: ¿Hablás tú español? This would be informal, casual or friendly way. The pronoun «Tú» (second person singular) can be omitted. For a more formal or respectful expression we use the word «usted» which, grammatically, is a third person pronoun of the singular, but semantically it is a second person pronoun of the … Leer más

The best 10 ideas to practice your Spanish pronunciation 

In this post, we offer ten ideas to practice your Spanish pronunciation. Because to speak a language is not enough to study grammar, writing exercises, even reading texts or listening to audios. To improve pronunciation must practice, practice, practice. You have to talk, talk and talk. You need to lose shame and not be afraid of making mistakes. These are the … Leer más