Quiz stage 3

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This is a very easy test if you have listened to episode 3 of the podcast. 

The verb "SER"

The verb "ESTAR"

Índice del capítulos del podcast:

Stage 1: Greetings and presentations in Spanish
This is the first episode of the Spanish Route PODCAST. In it, we will learn to introduce ourselves and to greet us. Saludos y presentaciones en español: este es el primer episodio del podcast de la Ruta española. En él, aprenderemos a presentarnos y saludarnos.
Stage 2: Gender of the nouns and difference between “bien” and “bueno”
In this program Sergio will talk about the genre of nouns in Spanish and about the differences between "good" and "good". These are some of the first difficulties that Spanish students have to face.
Stage 3: Personal Pronouns in Spanish and the verbs “ser” and “estar”
Today I will explain the subject's personal pronouns in Spanish, especially the difference between "Tú"and "usted"; and between "vosotros" and "ustedes". Then we will treat the conjugation of the verbs "ser" and "estar", which in other languages use a single verb for their different uses but Spanish uses two verbs
Stage 4: Regional differences of Spanish
Today we will talk about geographical and regional differences in Spanish spoken and you have to keep in mind if you're traveling to a Spanish speaking country.
Stage 5: Spanish Internet Vocabulary
Spanish Internet Vocabulary: In this chapter of the podcast, erything you need to know to have a conversation about computers and the internet.
Stage 6: “El Tiempo” in Spanish (Time or Weather)
The word "tiempo" has multiple uses and meanings in Spanish. Today we will focus on two of them. "Tiempo" as a way to measure the sequence of events (time) and "tiempo" as atmospheric state or climate of a region at a particular time (weather).


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