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Learn Spanish by listening and speaking with a native of Spain!

Hi! My name is Sergio and i am a a Journalist, Web Editor and Graduate in History  and i love talking with people from differents countryes. More abaut me?

I would like to be your personal Spanish trainer!

If you want to learn Spanish for travel, bussiness or cultural insterest, i will be happy to talk with you by Skype to improve your pronunciation, grammar and focus on the topics that are of interest.

Let's talk comfortably on Skype

Choose the day and time to see us on Skype. Or if you prefer, you can propose another video calling program.

You choose the topics that we will talk about

It will be very fun to talk about what interests you most. Whether it's trips, sports, bussiness, etc.

Secure payment

Choose the best payment method for you. With PayPal or credit card.

Choose your best schedule

You can select the date and time for your first lesson with the reservation system of the calendar. In the first class we will talk about your favorite times for successive sessions

The main thing is your satisfaction

There is no limit of permanence.

You can leave it whenever you want. 

Bring a friend!

If you recommend us to a friend we add a free session for you and another one for your friend.

Do you want to improve your Spanish pronunciation?

Speak from the first day!

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    Conversation with a Spanish native teacher from Spain
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    Flexibility in schedule and intensity. With custom homeworks
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    With written support material if you are interested in grammar


$30 / session

Save $ 0

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    50 minutes by Skype
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    Choose between vacant hours

$ 30 for 1 session

PayPal or credit card

8 SESSIONS / month

$15 /session

50% savings per session

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    50 minutes by Skype
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    ideal for two sessions per week
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    The sessions you do not use can be accumulated for the following month
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    no commitment to stay.

$ 120 / month

PayPal or credit card


$20 /session

Save $ 50

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    50 minutes by Skype
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    learn Spanish at your own pace
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    choose your own schedule

$ 200 for 10 sessions

PayPal or credit card